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I’m an ‘anti-diet culture’ dietitian, hypnotherapist and I help women end emotional eating, ditch the diet and heal their relationship with food so that they can eat what they love without guilt!

Has this always been the way for me? No!
For years I have been a serial dieter…

I used to completely miss out on lunches with friends because I was “eating clean” and didn’t want to “fall off the wagon”…
At times, I didn’t eat for the entire day so that I could go out drinking with friends at night… because alcohol had calories and I was only allowed so many per day… (and you can imagine drinking without eating = hospital visit)…
But was it just dieting? Or was it a disordered eating that became an eating disorder? Probably both…

Diet culture was very ingrained in
my life, and everyone around me…

I was shamed for being fat and then for being thin… I was shamed for being “too pretty” … I was shamed for my skin.
I also suffered loads of prejudice growing up as a (very) white girl in Brazil and also for being Jewish.

I grew from this – I was confident, I was assertive, I was ambitious and at times a little aggressive to get what I wanted. And I did get what I wanted at the time – but the scars of body shaming remained. And I suffered from a silent eating disorder.

And that’s just a snipped of why I was drawn to do this work. It is very personal to me. And also why I am so passionate and have presented on stage in conferences, sold out workshops and helped over 300 women heal their relationship with food!

How about you? Is this you too?

Don’t let your serial dieting evolve to an eating disorder (like I did)…
Hypnotherapy (with deep internal work) has changed my life. I now feel free to eat what I love without guilt or shame and there’s no better feeling than to be indifferent around food! And this can be you too!

Have you been looking for a change but it’s all too hard?

You feel something is holding you back… You want to role model healthy living for your kids, but you are so freaking tired all the time that you can’t even think straight let alone work out where to start!

Let’s have a chat! I specialise in emotional, compulsive or binge eating as well as any eating disorders, body image and ditching diets. Your time is NOW and you are ready!

My qualifications: BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics for over 15 years, Post Grad in Food Technology, Master Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy®.

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