Are Your Poor Eating Habits Sabotaging Your Business Success?


If you’re in business, there’s a good chance you want to be successful. And if you’re reading this, there’s an even better chance that you’re not seeing the results you want to see.

But how can your food habits affect your business? I could explain how specific foods and food habits affect your brain function and productivity. But I know that the relationship between the food that you eat and your business goes deeper than the food itself.

How you do one thing is how you do everything

How are you approaching food right now?

Think about this for a moment. And then think about where else that approach is showing up in your life.

Are you all or nothing with your healthy eating habits? You might be doing the same with your marketing plans.

Do you put yourself last, so you can put others first? That’s probably happening in your business and pricing as well.

Are you secretly sabotaging yourself when no one is looking? You might do that to your business success as well.

This shows up differently for different people. But there is a good chance that your approach to food is also your approach to something else – your business, your family, your social life, or all of the above.

Are you seeing things as the cause or as the effect?

Why do we do everything the way that we do one thing? It all comes down to your mindset, and whether you see the cause or the effect of a situation.

Cause and effect is an equation. If you’re standing on the ‘cause’ end, you are likely to take action based on the results you’re looking to achieve. People who fall into this category are standing in their power.

But if you’re on the ‘effect’ end, life and situations happen to you. You focus on the reasons behind your lack of results, whether it be why you can’t lose weight or why you can’t make $10K a month in your business.

The good news is that you can choose to step back into your power. You can choose to change the way you do one thing – food – and watch the ripple effect through your life.

Building a healthy relationship with food

A healthy relationship with food means a healthy relationship with life. So how can you build up that relationship, particularly if you struggle with food issues? Here are a few easy steps to get you started.

Focus on what you do want

The problem with fad diets and a restrictive approach to food is that you’re so focused on what you don’t want. Instead, turn the tables and focus on what you do want.

Do you want to include plenty of fresh wholefoods every day? Do you want to make water your drink of preference? You could even focus on what feeling or experience you want food to give you. For example, you might say ‘I want to choose foods that make me feel energised and productive’.

Focusing on what you do want from your food is much more effective than telling yourself all the things that you ‘shouldn’t’ eat.

Tap into how food makes you feel

Many of us struggle with emotional or stress eating at some point or another. And I think it’s safe to say that all of us have felt guilty or ashamed after eating before. One key to a healthy relationship with food is to understand and acknowledge how food makes you feel.

Just start by being aware of how you feel before, during and after eating. Did you choose a particular food to ‘fix’ what you felt before eating? If you ate whatever you wanted, did you experience guilt afterwards? Or did you feel the same throughout the process?

Have a look at my blog on The Emotions That Can Trigger Emotional Eating

Make it easier to eat well

Just like a business, it’s easy to think that doing it right HAS to be hard. But what if eating healthy food every day can actually be easy? Have a look for the ways that you can make it just as easy to reach for a healthy snack or meal.

You could:

  • Batch-cook your favourite healthy meal and eat it throughout the week
  • Freeze some leftovers, so there is always a good option for busy days
  • Pop some healthy snacks into the car and into your bag, so you always have some handy

By making it easy to eat nutrient-dense foods, you set being healthy and happy on auto-pilot.

Do you want to take your power back? Check out my free masterclass and master your emotional eating triggers once and for all here (you’ll receive a recording of my latest free training on your email) 
And remember: health is not a size, it’s a feeling 

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