Does Hypnosis Work Online? Plus Your Other Hypnosis FAQ


Have you ever wondered if online hypnosis is effective, or if it’s best done in person? Maybe you’ve wondered whether a hypnotherapist can make you bark like a dog or do things you don’t want to do.

That’s why I’ve put together the most common questions I hear when it comes to hypnosis as a therapy.

Does hypnosis work online? How does it work?

Hypnosis is just as effective when delivered online as it is in person. I have clients from all over the world – from Europe, the UK, the US, Brazil and of course Australia. Every single one of them receives hypnosis online.

Hypnosis is about getting you into a really relaxed state – that state where you’re not quite sure if you’re awake or asleep. Once you’re in that state, your hypnotherapist will make suggestions based on the outcome you’re looking for.

Because it’s only about what is being said and doesn’t require any touch, you don’t need to receive it in person. As long as you’re in a safe environment where you can enter that relaxed state, we can have a hypnosis session together.

What can hypnosis help with?

Great question! Basically, if there is a thought or a habit that you want to shift or change, hypnosis is there to speed up the process. People have used hypnosis to:

  • Lose weight
  • Shift emotional eating, stress eating and boredom eating habits
  • Binge eating and eating disorders
  • Quit smoking
  • Break other negative habits such as nail biting
  • Reduce and manage pain and many more.

There is even evidence that suggests hypnosis can help with physical conditions such as IBS.

As a nutritional hypnotherapist, we might work on a specific bad habit you want to quit, or we might just focus on helping you make healthier choices overall.

However, many of my clients will experience improvements across the board, even when we focus on addressing one specific issue. This is because how you do one thing is how you do everything. Your relationship with food will probably mirror your relationship with your business, your romantic relationships or your overall health.

Can I be hypnotised against my will?

People always ask me – can you make me cluck like a chicken during hypnosis? My answer is: only if you want to cluck like a chicken!

Hypnosis can’t force you to do something you don’t want to do. You won’t lose control of your body or actions, and most people remember everything that occurs during a session.

Does hypnosis ever fail? Or can anyone be hypnotised?

Absolutely – if you decide to take your own suggestions over mine. You can hypnotise yourself into NOT listening to the hypnotherapist. So, in a way, it always works, but it depends on who you’re choosing to listen to!

A big part of this is to do with trust. If you tell yourself it’s never going to work and don’t trust my support, it won’t work. But if we have rapport, and you trust me to support you, then it will work. It might not magically fix everything overnight, but we can make progress together.

This is the same as any other suggestion you’re given in life. If your best friend recommends a restaurant, you’ll probably give it a try. If a random person on the street tells you it’s good, you’re less likely to act on it.

That’s why I offer a free chat with anyone interested in working with me. If we don’t mesh well, or you don’t like my accent, my voice or the way I conduct a session, it’s not going to work!

Are you wondering whether hypnosis is a fit for you? Click here to book in for free chat to find out!

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