Easy Food Swaps – Sugar Edition


If you’re constantly eliminating foods from your house, you’ll end up with nothing to eat! That’s why swapping in alternatives is a much more sustainable way to satisfy cravings and make healthier choices. Today, I want to share some of my favourite easy food swaps to make when you want to reduce your sugar intake. Many of these foods that you might not realise are higher in sugar.

Is all sugar bad?

Not at all. Natural sugars can be a healthy part of your regular food plan. What we are looking at here is reducing your processed and refined sugars, which can cause a host of health issues when overconsumed.

Flavoured yoghurts

The flavoured yoghurts might be convenient, but the not-so-sweet truth is they contain a lot of added sugars. The good news is, there’s an easy alternative. Grab a plain yoghurt, toss in a handful of fruit or nuts & seeds. Voila, you have a DIY flavoured yoghurt!

Commercial breakfast drinks

Think your morning Up&Go is a balanced meal? Check the sugar content. Many convenience drinks designed for breakfast are full of the sweet stuff, which can set you up for sugar cravings all day.

If you want a quick drink instead of breakfast, whip up a simple smoothie instead. A handful of greens, a banana or some berries, your milk of choice and a flavour booster like cocoa or cinnamon is all you need for a balanced brekkie. You can even prepare it the night before to save time.

Breakfast cereals

We’ve all been told that a breakfast cereal is the best way to start the day. Well it might be convenient, but many breakfast cereals these days are full of sugar. Even the seemingly healthy options like quick cook oats and granola mixes can sneak lots of sugar in without you noticing.

To get around this, find a low-sugar option. You can replace your flavoured oats with plain oats and add in flavours – try adding in a bit of cocoa and some banana slices for a chocolatey treat.

Another great idea is to make up your own muesli blend to use. Use your favourite nuts and seeds, mix them in with oats or quinoa flakes, and add extras like cocoa and cinnamon. Then you can simply pour some milk over it to serve.

Salad dressings

It might not be obvious, but your everyday salad dressings can be packed full of added sugars. Low-fat dressings are often the worst when it comes to sugar content. Even brands that take out the sugar will often replace it with an artificial sweetener or another form of sugar such as agave.

The easiest way to get around this is to whip up your own with a few basic ingredients. Some oil, lemon juice or vinegar and some fresh herbs and spices can liven up even the plainest of salads. If you prefer a convenient alternative, consider a plan balsamic vinegar.

Flavoured coffee

When Starbucks first came to Australia, we were all so excited about the coffee choices. But many of the fancier coffee drinks can be packed full of added sugar. Even a simple mocha can add extra sugar through the chocolate powder.

If you love your coffee, then you don’t have to give it up. But do go for a low-sugar option like a latte or a flat white. The only sugar in these are the naturally occurring sugars in the milk (assuming you’re not using a milk alternative).

Do you have other sweet treats you would like to find a healthier alternative for? Book in with me today for a one on one nutritional hypnotherapy session!

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