Easy Ways To Eat Well Over The Holidays (Without Depriving Yourself)


The Christmas and New Year holiday can be incredibly stressful for many of us. Between presents, in-laws and having kids back under foot, it’s easy to simply give in and eat everything in sight!

But the good news is that you can eat a balance of foods over the holiday period without saying no to everything you love. Here are some simple tips to get you started.

Direct your mental focus

If you tell yourself that you absolutely cannot eat a piece of cake, guess what you’re going to think about all day? You got it – that piece of cake that you’re not eating. If I tell you not to think of a blue tree, you’re going to think about it. This is how our brains work – they cannot process negatives.

Instead of telling yourself what you can’t eat, focus on what you can eat. You can eat that big, fresh salad. You can eat those juicy protein-rich prawns. Whatever you can eat, take the time to savour it. After all, it’s not just about what you eat – if you don’t enjoy your food, it’s not going to nourish you.

Don’t go in starving

If you know you are going to a buffet with all of your favourite treat foods, don’t skip a meal to make room for it. Going in hungry is a guaranteed way to overeating – and you won’t even enjoy most of it because you’re too busy fixing your hunger.

Instead, have something nutritious beforehand, like a green smoothie with some avocado and berries. This will quell your hunger, meaning you’re less likely to go crazy at the dessert table.

Make a plan

Do you know where you’re headed for your work Christmas party? Or maybe you have the menu for your mother-in-law’s event in advance? If you know what is going to be available at an event, make a plan before you arrive. That way, it’s easy to stick to, because you’ve already made the decision before the scent hits your nose!

You might make a plan to:

  • Choose either a small dessert or a glass of wine, rather than having both
  • Have an entrée size of a meal
  • Get a vegetable starter dish or a salad for the table to share
  • Bring your own plate to a party if there is nothing suitable for you otherwise

Enjoy your treats

Finally, it’s important to actually enjoy your treats when you do have them. If you focus on your guilt and shame over your favourite Christmas dish or that delicious chocolate you were gifted, you get nothing out of it. In fact, you’re more likely to deprive yourself in the future, then swing back to treating yourself, and continuing the cycle of emotional eating.

But if you take your time and relish it, you’re less likely to punish yourself afterwards. The holiday season is about being kind and loving to others, and that includes yourself. So pick your treats and then enjoy every mouthful, guilt-free.

The best part is that when you take your time, you’re less likely to overeat, and more likely to stop when you’re full rather than stuffing yourself!

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