First Ever Blog Post


Hello gorgeous human!

This is my first blog post, and it was just pertinent that I introduced myself and told you a little bit more about my story on how I became a dietitian, overcame some of my own health challenges and weight issues and started coaching people through their journeys.

Grab a cuppa and read on ☺

It all started when I was a teenager. I have always been fascinated by food, how to work it, how to cook it…. But unfortunately, I suffered from an eating disorder.

This propelled me to find out and understand how the body works with food and I did what I knew to do which was go to University to study Nutrition & Dietetics.

While at Uni, I worked as the lead nutritionist and food safety officer in a chain of restaurants in Brazil while also completing my degree working in the hospital system assisting a wide variety of patients, which gave me the broadest experience!

I finished my Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2006 and went off to do a PostGrad in Food Technology in the UK, all while seeing clients and working alongside in the industry.

When I moved to Australia, I went straight to work in the industry and stopped walking my talk and fell back into bad habits.

YES, it can happen to anyone!

This meant I gained 10kg and fell pregnant with my son in 2011, which was another 15kg on the scales

After my son was born, I lost some weight overall, but my mindset hadn’t changed which had me eating poorly once again and putting it all back on. When he was 6 months old, I stepped on the scales and saw that dreaded number… I was the exact weight I got to when I was in the hospital ready to have him.

Enough was enough! I got more in touch with my spirituality, was attuned to Reiki and from there I started my health journey.

It wasn’t a quick fix but within those 6 months that followed I lost 22 of the 25kg and started feeling good about how I looked again… except I strongly disliked exercise and I still had that baby belly. All good, I thought! “I had a baby, so it will never go back to what it was!”

I found my love for running and just kept moving towards running events, races, started doing the City2surf in Sydney Australia… until a little bit over 3 years ago, I thought waking up and still feeling tired and lethargic was normal.

I even went to the doctor, and I asked for blood tests thinking something was wrong with my levels, and the doctor said: “this is normal, you’re just a mum.” I obviously knew this was not the case!

I saw a very good friend lose some weight and have fantastic energy and I thought I’d find out more about it.

When I found out it was Nutritional Cleansing, I immediately said no. I was ignorant and a sceptic. Being ignorant is not a bad thing. I just didn’t know. I had pre-conceived ideas, I thought the body already “cleansed” itself and I thought I knew what to eat and that would be enough.

How wrong was I… my friend was a food technologist from where I worked and I trusted her knowledge on the subject, so I secretly decided to take the plunge and give it a try.

Anyway, I got to a point where I had to try something for my energy as I had tried everything.

After 5 days, I felt like a light had been lit inside me. I don’t think I had EVER felt that way and I knew I wanted more!!

After 30 days, my belly had significantly reduced and I had regained my confidence!

I then researched the ins and outs of nutritional cleansing and realised how ignorant I was! I now know how it works, why it works, what works and how I can help others.

This propelled me to study Naturopathy more in-depth. Before this, I thought herbs were just for putting in food haha!

But is that it?? Is the right food enough??

NO! If you don’t change your view about food and your mindset, you WILL put it all back on.

That’s where I come in!! Not only will I help you with your food, but I will also help you with your mindset using strategies I have learned along the way including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy® and Hypnosis.

Consider this analogy – you go to the gym every day for 30 days. You will be fitter, faster, stronger. If after 30 days, you start going 3 days per week instead of 7, you will still maintain and improve your results. However, if you stop completely after 30 days, you will maintain it for a couple of weeks, but it won’t be long-lasting. You will need to adapt your routine to a long-term lifestyle change.

It is the same with healthy eating. Most people can follow a meal plan for 30 days – it serves a purpose. However, if you don’t flip the switch in your mind and change your eating habits, you will eventually get tired of following a routine or counting calories or macros and you might go back to being unhealthy.

It takes 21 days to break a habit or make a new one and I am excited to be bringing my improved services to you so that together we make long-lasting healthy habits!

And remember: it’s a lifestyle, not a life sentence.

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