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We all know sleep is a good thing to have. But many people still deprive themselves of sleep – whether it’s time spent sleeping or the quality sleep. The bad news is, poor sleep can be dangerous to your health. Let’s look at why you want to find a good sleeping pattern for optimal wellbeing.


What happens when you have poor sleep (or just not enough)

When you don’t sleep, your body doesn’t get a chance to reboot. You end up in survival mode – a state of chronic stress.

There will be symptoms like irritability and mood swings, and your detoxification will be impaired. Your immune system drops, and your gut flora swing towards more ‘bad’ bacteria.

You’ll also release more cortisol, and that stores fat very easily. So your metabolism will drop, you will gain body fat, and you’ll stop functioning properly.

That’s not what anyone wants!


Why you want high-quality sleep

So what are the benefits of a good night’s rest? It helps with things such as:


Tips to sleep soundly

Is good sleep evading you? Here are some ways to get back to a peaceful slumber.


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