How Long Will It Take For Me To Kick Emotional Eating?


It’s time for you to finally let go of your emotional food habits. You want to take back your power around food. But how long does it take to do that? What is a realistic timeframe for addressing emotional eating?

The truth is that it really depends. I’ve seen some clients have amazing breakthroughs with just a few sessions. But others may need ongoing work and support before reaching their dream relationship with food.

There is no exact formula that can tell you how long it will take for you to release emotional eating. But there are a few factors that might give you an idea.

How ready are you, really?

Are you ready?

100000% ready?

Ready to release the comfort that cookies, chips, chocolate or ice cream have been giving you for years?

Or is a part of you still clinging desperately to how that food makes you feel?

Sometimes, people will come to me before they are truly ready to make a change. This doesn’t mean that you’re bad or weak or that you’ll never be able to change. It’s just not the right time for you to do so.

How long has emotional eating been a problem for you?

Have you been emotionally eating for 5 years? 10 years? 20? More?

No matter how long it’s been, you can make the change and take your power back. But it is unrealistic to expect that one hypnotherapy session can shift decades of food habits. The longer that you’ve had issues with food, the more likely it is that it will take a little time to resolve them.

Changing your beliefs and behaviours is not a quick fix, and anyone who tells you it is a quick fix is probably selling you something! What we want to see is small, sustainable shifts that are made for life.

How is emotionally eating a problem for you?

Another important thing to consider is HOW is this a problem for you?

If emotional eating is sabotaging every other aspect of your life, you’ll be more motivated to make the changes and release the habits.

But if it’s only a problem because your mother-in-law judges you whenever you pick up a piece of chocolate at a family event, you’re less likely to feel motivated. If anything, you might pick up that piece of chocolate just to spite her!

Have you ever done any kind of mindset work before?

Some of my clients have used dozens of different modalities to work on their mindset before they’ve come to me. They’ve got the full list that goes along the lines of:

  • Journaling
  • Visualisation
  • EFT/tapping
  • Meditation

Why does this make a difference? Because your emotional eating isn’t actually about food. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, emotional eating isn’t about what you’re eating, it’s about how it makes you feel. It might make you feel safer, or comforted, or calmer.

Emotional eating is your unconscious mind’s way of protecting you from painful feelings. If you want to get on top of it, you need to deal with those emotions, which requires some mindset work.

If you’ve never done anything before, don’t worry. Doing other forms of mindset work isn’t a prerequisite for using hypnotherapy to successfully quit emotionally eating! But it might take a little bit longer to get into the swing of things.

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