How Your Mindset Can Make (Or Break) Your Health


So many people think they fail at being healthy because they’re lazy, or have no self-control around junk food. But the truth is much simpler than that.

The biggest mistake you can make with a ‘health kick’

One thing I always see people doing is transforming their entire life in one go. If you give up smoking, quit drinking, swear off junk food, drink 3L of water every day and workout daily – you’re going to burn yourself out. Your brain isn’t wired to make drastic changes overnight.

But if you do want to transform your life and your health, it is possible. The key is to go about it the smart way.

The way to approach mindset

There’s a better way to make changes, and it’s simple. All you have to do is take one or two small actions each day and stick to those.

This way, you’re not having to constantly make a decision. It takes energy to choose between things, so if you do it too often, you’ll start picking the easier option.

Once you have a few healthy habits, it becomes easier for you to make another healthy decision. For example, if you eat a salad each day and drink 2L of water already, you’re more likely to say yes to trying out yoga.

5 mindset tips to get you started

Want to develop a healthy mindset for your wellbeing? Here are my top tips to get you on track:

Eat mindfully

How often have you shoved a meal down in 5 minutes, only to keep snacking because you’re still feeling hungry? It takes time for your brain to get the message that you’re full. So take your time, chew your food well, and really savour the food. Food is not the enemy, and this is a great way to make it your friend.

Change 1-2 things each month

We’ve all heard the saying – it takes 21 days to form a habit. The same goes with replacing a less healthy habit with a healthy one. So keep it simple when you’re starting out. Choose one or two small, achievable changes. Even eating one more serve of vegetables each day can boost your wellbeing.

Know your non-negotiable foods

When you go on a ‘diet’, you have to give up foods you love. But in my books, you’re better off following a food regime that lets you have the food you can’t live without.

When you restrict yourself, you’re more likely to binge. Post-binge, you’ll feel guilty and stressed, and that means you store fat. That’s why I encourage my clients to enjoy in moderation.

Decide which foods you want to indulge on, and let yourself have them as a cheat meal once per week. It’s guilt-free, and you can still focus on healthy options the rest of the time.

Focus on being active, not working out

A lot of people dread going to the gym, and will often skip it whenever they can. This is because they’ve made it into yet another chore they feel obligated to do.

The better way to approach it is to be more active on a daily basis. Every time you move your body counts. Even if you park further away from the shops, or take the stairs, or go shopping for a few hours – it adds up! Mums have the bonus of pushing a pram too, which is a great full body exercise.

Watch your thoughts

Sometimes, our minds can be downright nasty. So if you have a thought that makes you feel good, notice it. Ask yourself, ‘Would I say this to my best friend? Would I say it to my daughter?’ If the answer is no, then reframe the thought.

Instead of ‘I’m too lazy to workout’, try ‘I’m doing my best to be more active each day’. If it’s ‘I have no self-control’, try ‘I can make small changes each day to be healthier’. It will slowly add up to a happy, healthy mindset.

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