Struggling To Reach Your Health Goals? The 3 Pillars For Success


Are you wondering why you never seem to reach your health goals? Do you stick to a goal for a certain period, but then fall off the wagon?

In my experience, there are three pillars to look at when it comes to health goals, especially if it involves weight loss. If you’re struggling to stick to healthy habits and reach your health goals, one of these three pillars might be missing.


If your goals involve the food you fuel yourself with, you need to have the right strategy behind you. Even if you’re a food rebel like me and follow 80% healthy and 20% treats, you need to know what is healthy for you.

Some people follow a specific regime for health concerns, such as low-carbohydrate or even ketogenic eating. These have their merits for health, but the key is sticking to them long-term. If you keep chopping and changing between them, you’re probably ‘dieting’ rather than focusing on a healthy approach to food.


What are you telling yourself about your goals and your habits? When you decide to make a conscious goal, are you making sure it’s aligned with your unconscious mind?

Your conscious mind is the goal setter, but your unconscious mind is the goal getter. If they aren’t working together, you’re setting yourself up for sabotage.

This is a common issue for someone who is trying to lose weight. If you’ve failed before, there’s a good chance you’ve told yourself that you’re going to fail or that it’s going to be really hard to stick to it. Your unconscious mind takes that as an order, and sets it up to be hard or even impossible.

Accountability and support

This is the pillar that is often overlooked, because we like to think we can do everything ourselves! But some form of accountability, whether it’s a friend, family member or a professional, is key for long-term success.

Working with a coach can be amazing. But one important thing to keep in mind is that you want to choose a coach that believes you can achieve your goals.

Why? In hypnosis, we believe that the client will only actualise what the practitioner believes to be true. So if you work with someone and don’t feel like they believe in you, run a mile! You won’t succeed if you’re working with a coach that doesn’t believe in you and your goals.

If you’re considering working with a coach, ask if you can have a free chat with them. Make sure you get a feel for whether they believe in you or not. This applies to life coaches, wellness coaches, hypnotherapists, personal trainers or any other practitioner who is there to support you in your health goals.

At the same time, for you to succeed, you have to be ready to achieve your goals and change your behaviours. I have worked with hundreds of women, and I have had an unshakeable belief in every single one that they will achieve their goals. But if a potential client isn’t ready to change their behaviour, I don’t take them on because I would be doing them a disservice.

If you’ve been trying and trying again to reach your health goals with no success, have a check-in on these three pillars. If one is missing, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

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