This Is How To Take Your Power Back From Food


Are you unable to control yourself around particular foods? Many of us struggle when it comes to food for a variety of reasons. Food might be an issue when you’re stressed, or emotional, or wanting to escape from something. But I’m here to help you take back that power around food – for good!

Who has the power – you, or something else?

Do any of these statements suit your situation?

  • I can’t lose weight because there’s always temptation around
  • I can’t put myself first because I have to look after my family
  • I can’t stop emotionally eating because life is really stressful all the time

There are always going to be outside factors going on. But the only thing you can control at any time is your attitude and your reaction to what is going on.

The truth is that you have always had the power over what you do and don’t eat. But you’ve given your power away to something outside of you. You tell yourself that things happen to you. But what you’ve forgotten is that every moment of every day, you have a choice about what to think and do.

So what can you do about it? You have to take that power back. It’s time to stop making excuses about why you can’t, and start finding ways that you can!

3 simple tips to take your power back

Ready to take back your power around food? I believe in you! But you need to believe in you too. So here are three simple ways that you can start taking your power back.

Journal it out

Get some paper, and let your mind out onto it. This is a great way to notice how you’re thinking about food, and where you could choose a different way of thinking.

Not sure what to write about when it comes to food? Here are some journal prompts:

  • If I take back my power with food, what is the worst thing that can happen?
  • Why do I choose the foods that I do, and follow the habits I have?
  • Am I using food to avoid or run away from something?

Once you’ve written up everything, read it back. Would you talk to your best friend that way if she was struggling with her food habits? If the answer is no, take a few moments to rewrite them as if you were talking to her.

Delete the suggestions

We are bombarded with suggestions every minute of the day. Ads, social media, friends, family and even strangers are telling us what to believe all the time. But if what they are telling you isn’t what you want to believe, you can simply delete it!

The next time you see an ad or hear someone tell you something that doesn’t sit right with you, take a moment to close your eyes. Then chant to yourself ‘delete, delete, delete suggestion!’ It’s that simple.

Trick your mind

Is there a food that you absolutely love, but you wish you didn’t? You can use this simple technique to trick your mind into changing how you see the food.

For example, let’s say that you love chocolate, but you hate asparagus.

Close your eyes, and think about how much you hate asparagus. Picture it in your mind’s eye – notice where it’s located, what colour it is, and everything you can about that mental picture. Then open your eyes to clear the screen.

Close your eyes again, and think about how much you love chocolate. Bring the mental picture up on the screen of your mind’s eye.

Next, move the chocolate to where you pictured the asparagus. If asparagus was far away, and in dull colours, move your chocolate to there. Once it’s in place, snap your fingers and lock it in. Open your eyes.

This is an easy way to change the programming around how you think of food. But you have to truly want to let go of the food or habit for it to work.

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And remember: health is not a size, it’s a feeling

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