Why Your Weight Won’t Shift No Matter What You Do


You’ve probably been told that weight loss is simple – it comes down to energy in vs energy out. So when you’re exercising every day and eating well, the weight should just magically fall off – right?

I call BS.

If that was true, everyone would get to their ideal weight and stay there for life with no struggles whatsoever! 1200 calorie fad diets and extreme exercise plans would work! But that’s not the case. Not everything comes back to the old energy in vs energy out.

Why not? Because diet and exercise are only pieces of the weight loss puzzle. Having them in place does help you on your weight loss journey, but they aren’t the most important factors by far.

The 3 pillars of health and weight loss

I always teach my clients that there are 3 pillars when it comes to health. These apply to releasing weight, as well as being healthy in general.


Mindset is the #1 pillar – without it, the others fall down.

What are you telling yourself and hypnotising yourself to believe? What reasons are you giving for why you put on the weight, and why you can’t lose it?

Whatever you tell yourself, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you tell yourself something over and over, your unconscious mind will do whatever it can to make that happen. You might yo-yo up and down, but you won’t truly release the weight you want to if you’re telling yourself all of the reasons why you’re going to fail.

Instead, switch to telling yourself what you do want. Train your brain to work for you by repeating to yourself all the reasons that you’re succeeding and how you’re feeling amazing.


What you eat still plays a role in your health. But there’s only so much that good food can do for you.

If you’re telling yourself negative things all the time, you’re releasing stress hormones into your body. Even if you have the best nutrition in the world, these stress hormones can stop your body from absorbing all of the vital nutrients from your food.

High stress hormones also make your body think that it’s in potential danger, so it will cling onto energy stores for as long as it can.

So you’re getting less nutrition from your food, as well as your body doing everything it can to prevent you losing weight.

What’s the solution? Put your mindset pillar in place.

If you eat a caramel slice and simply enjoy it instead of guilt-tripping yourself, your body will release feel-good hormones. These hormones counteract stress hormones, allowing you to absorb nutrients and release energy stores.


This is another pillar that is often overlooked. Who do you have in your corner when times get tough? What support do you have there for you when you need to release that stress?

When you have stressful thoughts about food (or life in general), you need to have someone you can confide in. But you might also need someone who can call you out on your BS when you’re repeating those lies to yourself and setting yourself up for failure.

Your support person can be your mum, your sister, a friend or a like-minded colleague. But if you want to get to the root of your weight loss struggles and stay accountable, I’m here to help.

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